Tiger Nuts (Dry) Standard 8-12mm

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Standard size 8-12mm

The Tigernut (or growler as some anglers like to call them) is not actually a nut, but a small tuber, they are high in fibre, proteins, and natural sugars, have a rough, rounded shape and an earth-like colour.

They are arguably the best particle bait for catching carp and can be a great aid in selecting the species when nuisance fish are present. Due to their crunchy texture and sweet taste carp go absolutely mad for them whereas smaller fish struggle to break the Tigernut into edible sizes.

Highly effective when used as single baits or can be added into mixed particles and boilies/pellets as loose feed. We recommend that you use sparingly as they can quickly fill fish up and a hand full of Tigernuts into a kilo of particle/boilie mix is sufficient.

** Tigernuts MUST be prepared before use and can be deadly to fish if not prepared correctly, soak the Tigernuts for a minimum of 24 hours and then boil vigorously for 30 minutes **

Once boiled they can be used straight away but you can also leave the Tigernuts in an air tight bucket where after a few days the sugars from the Tigernuts will start to ferment. The liquid will turn from water into a thick, sweet, slimy syrup and some people say this is when they are the most effective.

Want to make them extra special?

Try adding sugar to the water before soaking, people have also soaked the Tigernuts in various soft drinks, their sugary content has the same effect.

Once boiled let the Tigernuts cool to luke warm and then add some of our liquid foods. Products such as CSL and Hydrowheat will really kick start the fermentation and will actually ferment themselves with the sugars released from the Tigernuts making them super attractive. 


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