Hydro Nut

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Hydro Nut is another top-class additive from BAF, is you love the smell of Peanut Butter this one is for you! This rich, thick creamy liquid is set to be a hit for those who use nut type liquids.

Hydro Nut has taken us an age to perfect and getting the Peanut Protein into a liquid form has been a real achievement, but as with all good things, it’s well worth the wait. It has a low-fat content meaning it’s perfect for all year-round use.

*** Please Note ***

Due to the Active nature of this product, it’s best to leave the lid ajar slightly when stored.

Perfect for use in stick and spod mixes, ground baits, glazing boilies and pellets, it has even been used neat in the water, watch the cloud effect from this one.

Recommended dosage 30-50ml per kilo of bait. 


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